I will read your work to determine the level of editing required. If I think my skills are a match to your project, I will then provide a sample edit and fee estimate based on my assessment.

Substantive Editing (Paragraph Level Editing)

  • locating gaps and inconsistencies in story
  • removing information and/or adding information to improve story
  • assessing and shaping material to improve its organization and content
  • reorganizing paragraphs to improve flow
  • improving sentence construction to more effectively convey meaning
  • maintaining a consistent tone, style, and voice

Copy Editing (Sentence Level Editing)

  • eliminating redundant, unnecessary words
  • correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • replacing repetitive words with synonyms
  • substituting weak words, phrases, and sentences with powerful alternatives
  • revising sentence structure to improve clarity and flow
  • fact checking
  • developing a style sheet for consistency

Proofreading (Word Level Editing)

  • typographical and formatting errors
  • grammar errors
  • spelling inaccuracies
  • punctuation errors
  • capitalization errors
  • verb tense issues (subject and verb disagreements)
  • improper spacing

I edit with track changes in Word which allows for easy back-and-forth communication between myself and an author. If hard copy is preferred, this is also an option.

Rates vary depending on the project and service. For further details, please contact me.