Writing Tips | June

Bustle. 5 Reasons Why Writers Should Take A Break From Writing Every Now And Then

Writer’s Edit. Video: Top 5 Editor Pet Peeves From Our Founding Editor

Literary Hub. On the Heartbreaking Difficulty of Getting Rid of Books

Electric Literature. The Blunt Instrument on Dealing with Rejection & the Anxiety of Publishing

Brain Pickings. The Psychology of What Makes a Great Story

Goins, Writer. Why Most Aspiring Writers Are Doomed to Fail

Thought Catalog. 21 Harsh But Eye-Opening Writing Tips From Great Authors

Salon.com. Advice to writers: Skip the scenery

Ploughshares. What Writers Can Learn From Visual Artists About Patterns and Meaning

The Write Practice. Writing Villians: 9 Evil Examples of the Villian Archetype

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