July Literary Links

The New Yorker. In Defence of “Nutty” Commas

goodreads. Quotes About Insomnia

the guardian. Open Thread: best short stories for summer

Urban Graffiti: Part 1: NYDC BLUES: How I Tried To Escape The Sick World Of Poetry

Paris Review. The Art of Fiction No. 76 Raymond Carver

Flavorwire. 10 Odd Stories Behind Famous Author’s Nom de Plumes

Mental Floss. 6 Wordsmiths Who Couldn’t Spell

brain pickings. Advice on Living the Creative Life from Neil Gaiman

99u. Haruki Murakami: Talent is Nothing Without Focus and Endurance

The Billfold. Emily Gould Answers Our Important But Inane Questions About Buying Ebooks

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