Apartment Hunting Curiosities

‘appliances included’ (generous)
‘sought after neighbourhood’ (not listed)
‘well-mannered cats permitted’ (subjective)
‘soundproofed and fireproofed’ (loud pyros lived there?)

‘serious applicants only’ (I look for fun?!)

‘…so much to offer, within one block are Dollarama, The Beer Store, a liquor store…’ (important)

‘windows are above ground’ (very important)

‘lower level’ (basement apartment)

‘deck with BBQ machine’ (haha)

‘a bit messy’ (not the same as filthy and dilapitated)

‘basement bachelor $1350’ (I don’t think so)

‘renovated’ pictures don’t count if taken 5+ years ago

One bedroom apts. are now considered a bedroom and a combined kitchen (row of appliances)/living room

Gorgeous, dazzling, amazing, and luxurious are not words to describe basements (stunning, used to describe my new 2nd floor apt. was overreaching)

Why would you paint a basement chocolate brown?
No one wants pets anymore (losers!)

2 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting Curiosities

  1. Dianne Grover

    This is hilarious! You make seem to make apartment hunting, a very stressful task by nature, a fun one. This will be helpful for those who are planning to travel or move (with the help of movers Nebraska for instance). Anyway, I think one important consideration when searching for a new place to stay in is the safety and security of the structure and the location. Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. Julie McArthur

    Thanks for your comment, Dianne… just saw it today! I think if you don't have a sense of humour when apartment hunting, it can be very depressing. I agree that safety and security are very important, and why I prefer living on the second floor. Best of luck in future moves.


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