F&G Writers

F&G Writers is a Toronto-based writing group that was forged in May 2010. We workshop short fiction every six weeks. Members also get together for talk-shop dinners and literary field trips.

Susan Alexander  lives in Toronto. In addition to her satirical newspaper, The Mammalian Daily , she is working on a book of short stories entitled Substitute Decisions. Check out her innovative short story site She Came to Play. Read “Cecilia” at Joyland.

Julie McArthur grew up Ottawa. She works an a nanny and freelance editor. Read “The Promise of Puppies” at Dragnet Magazine and , “Hybrid Love” at Lies With Occasional Truth.

Tavish McGregor lives and writes in Toronto.

Nadia Ragbar lives and writes in Toronto. Her non-fiction has been published in the Globe and Mail. Read her flash fiction, “RR 21” at The Glass Coin and “Wolves Using the Patio Furniture” and “The Fair” at Dragnet Magazine.

Rob Shaw is enrolled in the Creative Writing Optional Residency MFA program at the University of British Columbia. His work appears in The Dalhousie Review.

Brad Weber lives and writes in Toronto. His work has been published in The Dalhousie Review and The Toronto Quarterly.

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