Projects and Clients

Short Story Editor
Agnes & True
Dec 2014 – present

Online Editor
Konception Media Inc.
Mar 2012 – present

Substantive Editor
Escaping Paradise by Lisa Morriss-Andrews
Mar 2018

Substantive and Copy Editor
Shadowlight by Lisa Morriss-Andrews
Nov 2016

BabyWorld by Jonathan Martin Dixit
Nov 2013

Copy Editor
Joyland Retro 3 (various authors)
Jun 2013

Pre-Submission Editor
Nobody Looks That Young Here by Daniel Perry
Jun 2013

Pre-Submission Editor
The Sailor and the Pugilist by Nadia Ragbar
May 2013

Pre-Publication Editor
Nothing Man and the Purple Zero by Richard Scarsbrook
Apr 2013

Content Editor
The Indifference League by Richard Scarsbrook
Feb 2011