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Writing Links | April

write it sideways. 7 Tips for Writing About Places You’ve Never Been

While We’re Paused. Psycho-Bunnies and Fiction: Using Animals in Your Writing

terrible minds. 25 Things You Should Know About Antagonists

Joyland Magazine. Four Letters from an Ongoing Series

the guardian. An unexpected ending for literary progress?

Electric Literature. Infographic: The Opposite Habits of Famous Writers

Carly Watters. How to Write Endings: or how to get the octopus to bed

Sarah Selecky. The Vulnerability of Submission

Toronto Star. Brave new world for Canada’s literary journals

Critique My Manuscript. Elements Examined in a Fiction Critique

Online Short Stories | Julie McArthur




“A Polite Woman” in Cosmonauts Avenue
“Walking Past” in The Nottingham Review

“Disconnect” in Necessary Fiction

“Thank You for Disappearing” in PANK

“The Promise of Puppies” in Dragnet

“Little Hawk” in Little Fiction
“Rivals” in Joyland
“Hybrid Love” in Lies with Occasional Truth