August Literary Links

brainpickings. Snoopy’s Guide to the Writing Life: Ray Bradbury on Creative Purpose in the Face of Rejection

Writer Unboxed. 11 Frequently Asked Questions About Book Royalties, Advances and Money

the Paris Review. Philip Roth, The Art of Fiction No. 84

The New Yorker. Semicolons; So Tricky

The Awl. Goodbye Reader! We Were Never Meant to Be

The Outlet. Jonah Lehrer and Other Great Literary Scandals

Writer’s Digest. Use the Right Words: Upgrade Your Superlatives for Fame and (Better) Fortune

Sarah Selecky. Get rid of that jerk!

The Billfold. How Natasha Vargas-Cooper Does Money

Slate. Against Enthusiasm: The epidemic of niceness in online book culture

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