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January Literary Links

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Ex Machina Press. Interview: George Saunders

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McSweeney’s. 7 Bar Jokes Involving Grammar and Punctuation

Kristen Lamb. Sacred-Cow Tipping: Why Writers Blogging about Writing is Bad

Daily Writing Tips. 40 Twitter Hashtags for Writers

Editors’ Association of Canada. Definitions of Editorial Skills

Apartment Hunting Curiosities

‘appliances included’ (generous)
‘sought after neighbourhood’ (not listed)
‘well-mannered cats permitted’ (subjective)
‘soundproofed and fireproofed’ (loud pyros lived there?)

‘serious applicants only’ (I look for fun?!)

‘…so much to offer, within one block are Dollarama, The Beer Store, a liquor store…’ (important)

‘windows are above ground’ (very important)

‘lower level’ (basement apartment)

‘deck with BBQ machine’ (haha)

‘a bit messy’ (not the same as filthy and dilapitated)

‘basement bachelor $1350’ (I don’t think so)

‘renovated’ pictures don’t count if taken 5+ years ago

One bedroom apts. are now considered a bedroom and a combined kitchen (row of appliances)/living room

Gorgeous, dazzling, amazing, and luxurious are not words to describe basements (stunning, used to describe my new 2nd floor apt. was overreaching)

Why would you paint a basement chocolate brown?
No one wants pets anymore (losers!)

1st Cell Phone Musings

Diggie bought me an iPhone – my first cell phone ever. Before I get savvy, I thought I’d record questions and discoveries that no doubt will later embarrass.

How do people do this one-handed?

Now I get why kids use all these short forms when texting.

My giant hands don’t work so well.

What if I lose it? to which Diggie replied, “You don’t”

Ringtones are fun. I can’t decide on Sherwood Forest or Spell for mail alerts. It’s going to take a long time to give each friend an individial text and ring tone.

I haven’t transferred music from my computer yet because I’m afraid it will disappear.

Where do I get a cool Ramones cover case?

I’ve only made one live call in the privacy of someone else’s home. I feel like a jerk using it in public.

How do I appear natural with this thing? Practice?

My best friend doesn’t have a cell phone. That’s no fun.

Will the cell phone hold-outs think I’m a traitor?

I feel like a grown up.

Apps for 99 cents seems extravagant. I want the free ones but that means I will need my first credit card ever.

Excited for NFL/NHL apps. Will these cause spamarama?

People write books on these things, but do they read them? Sore eyes.

I don’t think I should bring it to the bar.

Someone might grab it out of my hands and run off. They are expensive.

Diggie is going to get annoyed with all my questions.

Louis CK on cellphones