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August Literary Links Roundup

Flavorwire. The 30 Harshest Author-on-Author Insults In History

Slate. At Home with Philip Roth: the author confesses he never reads fiction

HTMLGiant. 22 Things I Learned from Submitting Writing

99%. Developing Your Creative Practice: Tips from Brian Eno

The Outlet. The Best & Depressed: Mentally Unfit to Lead (and Write)

American Book Review. 100 Best Last Lines from Novels

Writing Forward. How to Abuse and Neglect Punctuation Marks

The Atlantic Wire. Spoiler Alert: Readers Like Knowing  How Stories End

Flavorwire. Thus With A Kiss: 10 Spectacular Suicides in Literature

Guardian. Stephen King launches left wing radio show

“Orchestrated Disaster” in Front & Centre #25

Black Bile Press has published my story “Orchestrated Disaster” in its special edition Front & Centre #25

Editorial Feature: Two writers talking – Salvatore Difalco and Alexandra Leggat

Also fiction by:
Zsolt Alapi, David Burdett, Christine Catalano, David Rose, Daniel MacIsaac, Chelsea Novak, Jeremy Hanson-Finger, Stacey Madden and Zachery Alapi.

Reviews of books by:
Anne Perdue, Danila Botha, Chris Walter, Daniel Allen Cox, Mark Anthony Jarman, Dave Newman, Jerrod Edson and Salvatore Difalco.

Order a copy HERE.