March 28, 2011

March Literary Links Roundup

Literary links to articles, blogs, stories, and interviews I recently surfed upon. Enjoy.

The Guardian. On writing: authors reveal the secrets of their craft.

Rebecca Rosenblum blogs, What is a short story?

Open Book Ontario. True Grit: Matthew Firth’s Search for the Bold, the Brash and the Ugly by Stacey Madden.

The Awl. On Expectations (And a Writer's Lack of Same) by S. J. Culver.

The Guardian. Is the short story really the novel's poor relation? by Chris Power.
Broken Pencil. David Griffin Brown wins Indie Writers' Deathmatch IV with his short story, "Brink". 
The National Post. Stacey May Fowles about publication anxiety, "The First Time".

The Globe and Mail. Our authors speak up: Is this country good to its writers.

The Huffington Post. Literary late bloomers: great authors who took a little longer to get started. post by Zoe Triska

Open Book Toronto. State of Short Fiction in Canada (Part One) by Nathaniel G. Moore. 

Open Book Toronto. Conflict of Interest: The State of the Short Story (Part Two) by Nathaniel G. Moore.

Open Book Toronto. Conflict of Interest: The State of the Short Story (Part Three) by Nataniel G. Moore. 
The Wall Street Journal. Hollywood's Favourite Cowboy. Cormac McCarthy interview by John Jurgensen

Derek Haines blogs, I Know Why Real Writers Have Cats.

March 18, 2011

Troublesome Words & Phrases

You read along and suddenly stop at a particular word or phrase. It irritates you. It may remind you of something it isn't or it sounds awkward. I'm starting a list. What words bug you?

supine/prostrate - medically awkward
thatch (to describe down there) - makes me think of a beaver dam, hmm
words clenched in, falling out of, rolling inside of one's mouth - overused
mustachioed - horrible looking and sounding
poignant - better words to use
vitriol - not the acid
monies - wrong, wrong, wrong
hydrangeas - these grow in everyone's books
libidinous - doesn't sound sexy
assuage - can't use an anagram of sausage, sorry