February 26, 2011

My Great Grandfather Peter McArthur

My great grandfather was writer Peter McArthur. He was born in Ekfrid Township, near Glencoe, Ontario. After studying at The University of Toronto, he moved to New York in 1890 to work as a freelance writer. In 1902 he moved to London, England where he worked as an editor. Returning to his birthplace in 1908, he wrote a twice weekly column for the Toronto Globe from 1909-1924. He also contributed to the Farmer's Advocate from 1910-1922. His first book, To Be Taken with Salt: Being an Essay on Teaching One's Grandmother to Suck Eggs was published in 1903. He went on to publish several novels, short story collections, poetry, a study of Stephen Leacock, and a biography of Sir Wilfred Laurier.

"A satirist is a man who discovers unpleasant things about himself and then says them about other people." -Peter McArthur

The McArthur home (built 1835) where Peter was born in Ekfrid Township near Glencoe, Ontario in 1866. The house was donated in 1962 to Doon Heritage Crossroads in Waterloo County.

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