“Hybrid Love” in Lies With Occasional Truth

On-line magazine Lies With Occasional Truth has published my short story “Hybrid Love”. I was about to retire this piece last year when I gave it a  tweak and sent it out. Tada!

I was taking a creative writing class at the time I wrote this. When I met with the teacher to discuss my story he very seriously said to me, “After reading your story, I wondered if you might be crazy.” Thankfully, he wasn’t my first writing teacher and I had an ounce of confidence to tell him I wasn’t and that I gave my readers a little more credit than he was willing. I dropped the course as he was unprofessional with other students as well.

One thought on ““Hybrid Love” in Lies With Occasional Truth

  1. Suzanne Marsden

    Thanks for posting the link to your piece Julie; I really enjoyed reading it. I admire the way you're able to make the short piece work: it's one of the hardest things to do. It has been a pleasure reading your stuff; I'm looking forward to more! Bravo 🙂


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