November 1, 2009

Alexandra Haden

I never liked the name Julie, too girlie. I loved Alexandra, it had a nice look to it and could be shortened to Alex. There was a time when I thought being a boy would be easier. I'm not sure where Haden came from, though there is a nice park in Ottawa called Andrew Hayden Park. In high school I wrote a series of Alexandra Haden's Philosophies in and amongst drawings in sketchbooks. Some were thoughtful, others common sense, and some just plain silly. Here is a sampling...

Make up a new language, ie.puppucou-puke with beans and weiners
Listen lots, learn lots
Belch if you want, is it really gross?
Don't base firm conclusions on false assumptions
Dum ends in a b
If someone thinks something false about you, set them straight, but if it works to your advantage and that person is an asshole maybe you shouldn't tell them after all
Don't fall into pitfalls

I planned to use Alexandra Haden as my nom du plume when I grew up, but I guess that hasn't happened yet.

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